Personal Property - Every tangible thing, subject to ownership or part ownership whether animate or inanimate, other than money, and not forming part of or permanently affixed to real property, but does not include household goods, furniture, wearing apparel and articles of personal use and adornment, owned and used by a person in their home. Vehicles, boats, farm equipment and livestock are examples of tangible personal property.

Most functions of the Assessor's Office are governed by language in the Missouri State Statutes, Section 137. Understanding the purpose of our office is a complex issue. The Assessor is focused on an office that prides itself on accuracy and fairness bringing clarity to the assessment process.

Use of VIN Information
Beginning in 2011, personal property tax bills reflect values identified using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Some citizens are experienced an increase in the 2011 personal property tax bill(s). The reason could be that the description of the vehicle was incomplete as filled out and returned to the Assessor's office in prior years. In 2011 when the declaration was received, the Assessor's office accessed the VIN number(s) from the Missouri Department of Revenue to definitely identify the vehicle. For example, if you declared a 2008 Ford pickup and did not appropriately include the model/series information, a base price was used to value the vehicle. In 2011, after reviewing the VIN number, the Asssessor's office determined the vehicle is Ford pickup, but is specifically a F250 Super Duty 4-wheel drive extended cab that has a value different than the base model. Additionally, changes in various tax rates from the various taxing jurisdictions could account for increases as well, in addition to additional personal property.